Community and People

We are:

Forging Relationships

We work closely with the people of The Bahamas to foster a better understanding of the Company operations, any potential impacts, their mitigation and the economic opportunity a commercial oil discovery could bring to the country, the people of the current generation and to those of generations still to come.

Community Liaison 

It is an important aspect of the Company's work to liaise and consult extensively with all communities likely to be impacted by its activities and forge appropriate relationships across all aspects of business dealings with local contractors, regional authorities and Government. An important part of that communication is an anticipation of the future benefits to be derived from exploration success and subsequent oil development. The Company commits to continuing transparency involving all of its activities, believing that demonstrating such clarity concerning all of its operations shows a commitment to safeguarding the environment, and the interests of its employees, broader communities and wider stakeholders.


Community Engagement  

Separate presentations were given to:

  • The Central Bank of The Bahamas
  • The Securities Commission and Bahamas International Stock Exchange
  • Bahamas Financial Services Board
  • Chamber of Commerce and individual branches on many islands
  • Bahamas National Trust
  • Other party political representatives and members of the civil service
  • Representatives of the technical and contractor community
  • Hotelier associations
  • Government Ministers and ministry officials
  • Prominent members of the business community
  • Chartered Engineers and Chartered Accountants associations
  • Bahamas Christian Council
  • Church representatives and various individual parishes, denominations, assemblies and communities
  • Members of the house, Government and official opposition
  • Retiree groups
  • Trade Union representatives, various officials and unions
  • Staff associations
  • College of The Bahamas in various locations, staff and students
  • Schools on many different Islands
  • Consular groups and Ambassadors
  • Rotarian and Kiwanian groups in different communities
  • 'Open evenings' at the Nassau office


*We are open to presenting to any interested groups.

Broader Community

Other Governments, both within the Commonwealth and across the Caribbean, have considerable experience and history of resources development, emerging regulations, vocational training and skills development, relevant standards and monitoring of operations. It is important to be able to consult with and draw on the broader knowledge base available in order to assure that the most suitable technologies are being harnessed, the most up-to date international best practices are being followed and incorporated into emerging industry activities. Broad technical and commercial discussions have been held with the British, Australian, Cuban and Trinidadian authorities in order to facilitate cooperative working, shared knowledge and experience. International organisations also offer vast amounts of equipment knowledge and experience. Bahamas Petroleum Company is also a member of the domestic Bahamas Oil Spill Response Committee and has attended regional Caricom meetings designed to address many of these issues.