Non-Company Press Releases

07 November 2012

The Treasure Down Below  (pdf 820 KB)

28 August 2012

GB Shipyard targets oil rigs by 2013  (pdf 481 KB)

18 May 2012

Chamber backs oil exploration  (pdf 114 KB)

08 May 2012

Christie: I'll do my very best  (pdf 265 KB)

08 May 2012

PLP strikes gold  (pdf 419 KB)

08 May 2012

Ingraham resigns  (pdf 400 KB)

11 April 2012

Its Official - Election on May 7  (pdf 290 KB)

11 April 2012

Election set for May 7  (pdf 235 KB)

20 March 2012

Earl Deveaux slams oil drilling critics  (pdf 385 KB)

16 March 2012

Oil regulatory reforms ready  (pdf 179 KB)

15 November 2011

Cuban oil project fuels US anxieties  (pdf 209 KB)

14 January 2011

Piñón on Energy - Background on Scarabeo 9  (pdf 263 KB)

14 January 2011

Fresh delay for Scarabeo 9  (pdf 242 KB)

11 January 2011

Bahamas' 'great prospects for oil'  (pdf 544 KB)

31 August 2010

Govt suspends consideration process for oil exploration  (pdf 679 KB)

Government has suspended the consideration process for all oil exploration and drilling applications until the country has stringent environmental protocols in place to mitigate against a catastrophic oil well leak.

29 August 2010

Oil exploration in Cuba expected to go ahead  (pdf 142 KB)

Preparations for full-scale oil exploration are gaining momentum in Cuba's Gulf of Mexico waters just 50 miles from the US, testing the limits of the trade embargo on the Caribbean nation.

25 August 2010

Cuba looks to cooperate on offshore safety  (pdf 268 KB)

Lee Hunt, President of the Houston-based International Association of Drilling Contractors, said during a visit to Havana he would like to see Cuba's state oil company join the organisation to be able to exchange information with its neighbors on drilling techniques, safety and regulation.

19 August 2010

Oil Prospects in Cuba have some rethinking U.S. Trade Embargo  (pdf 113 KB)

Washington - As speculation surfaces of oil prospects in Cuba, officials are worried that the United States' embargo will fall short with trade, as the island continues to attract global investments from countries such as China.