Competent Persons Report

Key Findings of the CPR

  • Four structures over the Bain, Cooper and Donaldson licences with Unrisked Recoverable Prospective Resources (EUR) in excess of 500 million bbls each at multiple reservoir intervals;
  • Three of the four structures have an unrisked EUR in excess of 1 billion barrels of oil;
  • The EUR have been estimated statistically - and each of the separate intervals are considered to have different risk.  However, if the hydrocarbon system is working at each level, the four structures have a summed mean EUR greater than four bboe;
  • The report focused on the Cretaceous interval only.  The shallower Tertiary strata and deeper Jurassic pre and post-salt will be evaluated after we have completed our 3D seismic interpretation and;
  • The report also addresses the Chance of Success by reservoir interval for each structure. 


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